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30 Day Idol Challenge [Day 1]

Well, since I now know this is about the ___48 family, I'll have to redo this post! *facepalm*

Day 01: Your favorite Idol.

This one is easy to answer!

Minami Takahashi! Captain of Team A in AKB48!

I fell in love with this girl when Seifuku came out and she's been my favorite ever since. Her unique vocals, the way her eyes looked so serious, the way she danced...everything about her was just super top notch compared to the rest of the girls! I felt she was much more mature than everyone else as well.

As time went on and I slowly noticed her being shafted for Acchan, I still found my love increasing for Takamina. When I discovered No3b after a short AKB48 haitus, I felt like I was on air. Not only was Takamina the center of this group, but I liked all the girls that were with her! Hurrah! Their drama was amazing too, that's when I found out Takamina was a good actress as well! Plus, spanking scenes. That is all.

She's dressed a boy, how could you not like her? (She has the blonde hair!)

Takamina takes AKB48 very seriously. She seems to be the mother hen, the one all the girls flock to for inspiration. She gives group pep-talks and helps get the girl's energies up. When the teams were reshuffled, she was the one who seemed to cry the most out of all the captains because she loved all the girls just so much. They were hurting, so she was hurting.

I think of Takamina not just as Team A's captain, but the leader of AKB itself. They were even going to have a concert that basically was called "follow Takamina" (Not exactly), but it was cancelled due to the disasters in Japan.

Even though she has gone down to 7th in popularity in the Senbatsu elections, I believe that she is really as popular as ever. People adore her, she doesn't need votes to prove that. Yeah, she's behind Yukirin now (wtf) in PVs, but she'll always be #1 to me.