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31 August 2011 @ 09:14 pm
The one AKB48 list to rule them all!  
The top 20 songs I think you should listen to when trying to get into the AKB48 fandom.

I know I do this a lot, but this is basically my entire list of songs that aren't completely overplayed. Please enjoy this list...or else.

20. Kiss wa dame yo (Team A 1st stage "Party ga Hajimaru yo")

Old school AKB48? Yes please. The lyrics are of the typical "don't kiss me, it's bad" variety, but it has Maimai and Shiho! And Kazumi! Basically it's one of the best A1 songs.

19. AKB48 (All versions)

This song is one of those classic songs that I wish they'd sing at every concert. It always made me want to dance ever since I heard it 4 years ago! I love the energy :).

18. Nageki no Figure (Team A 1st stage "Party ga Hajimaru yo")
(Sadly I couldn't find a song without the AKB48 overture but...you'll live. Also, old Team A!!! And the men wota are great in the beginning!)

Ah, the song that made me love Takamina! The sound of it is so deliciously outdated and yet...it's fun to listen to. This really has a first stage feel!

17. Shonichi (Team 3rd stage)
(Sorry, another Overture intro here. But look at the old Team B! They're so young looking!)

This is just such an uplifting song, I particularly enjoy the lyrics and I'm not a huge Team B fan.

16. MARIA (Team K 3rd Stage)

Yuka starts this song off strong....just listen to it, I promise it'll be worth your time.

15. BIRD (Team A's 3rd stage)

To be honest, I don't think I like how far down this song is on my list. It's a great song that showcases the main singer's voice quite well...and for this list I chose Team A's version just because I can't find Team N's :(. Minami sounds awesome here though, so I don't hate it!

14. Koike (Team A's 3rd stage)

"I'm over you! Ex-boyfriend..."
This song makes me feel strong when I hear it. I love the talking parts the best. I think Mariko sounds incredibly awesome and slightly boyish. Basically this is a good song if you just broke up with someone.

13. Junai no Crescendo (Team A 4th stage)

Ah, a no3b song that's also in a Team A stage! A "one more night of passion" kind of song, but I think it's sung quite well.

12. Ganbare! (Team A 4th stage)

A song sung by one of the only girls in AKB48 who was truly an artist, Hoshino Michiru. Truly a beautiful singer and she can even write her own songs. Of course this song was not written by her, but whatever! (lol)

13. Oshibe to meshibe to yoru no chouchou (Team K 4th Stage)

Uh, it's hot and I have to link this everytime I make a list. Basically Megumi is the sexiest thing ever and I wish she'd sing this more often. Basically FAP FAP FAP FAP. These lyrics are basically...yeah.

12. Zetsumetsu kurogami shoujo (NMB48 1st single)

What, did you think this list would just be old songs? No way, this is one of the best songs to come out of the 48 family so far. It embraces the older sound of AKB48 with the new voices of NMB48. I find myself singing along to this everytime it plays!

11. Mokugekisha (Team A 6th stage song)

A great opening song from the "new" Team A that was formed in 2009. I like this song because the set starts out with a video of the Berlin Wall coming down. It's actually quite a strong song with lyrics such as:
"An old church, those people looking down
Raise their prayers to the lit candles
A mother who has lost her child looks as if she's about to collapse
As she's crying without even being able to speak, who is she blaming?"

10. FIRST LOVE (Ono Erena)

Erepyon...hmm. How do I describe how I feel about her other than JAILBAIT. She's cute and innocent, but they always stick her in bikinis! Well whatever, listen to this song she sings. She reminds me of Megumi Hayashibara singing as Rei Ayaname. and she's even cosplaying as Asuka! Wow, I feel like a nerd. This is actually one of my favorite AKB48 songs ever, so. Yeah.

9. Dear My Teacher (Team A version, Stage 1)

Yes, this song is what you think it is about. And I love it because it's just so blatant! This is what AKB48 used to be before they got super mainstream. Oh, my fandom changed so much!

8. Korogaru ishi ni nare (Team K 2nd Stage)

I work out to this song, it's very energetic! Throw your hands up to it and dance! :D

7. Yankee Soul (AKB48 B-side to Everyday, Katchusha)

Another Yankee song from AKB, but this one has something the others doesn't have. Soul? SOUL! This was from their drama "Majisuka Gakuen" and fit the show so well.

6. Namida uri no Shoujo (Team A 3rd Stage)
"Please, someone buy me."

One of those classic AKB48 songs that has stuck with me over the years. When I listen to it I'm transported back to the times in the 80's when things just seemed simpler. Oh nostaglia~ (not that I remember the 80s much!)

5. Fugiri (Team K 5th Stage)

This song title means 'Ingratitude' and at first it just sounds like any other AKB song. Unfortunately this one has the power to get into your mind and not get out...even if you haven't heard it in over a year. I finally listened to it again and read the lyrics and I have to say I was floored. The lyrics are so true to life, I've been in the same situation as the person in the story! These are some of the best lyrics ever I think.

4. UHHO UHHOHO (Team K 6th stage)

"Come on, come on, lonely people
If you stay so depressed nothing will change"
And so starts the strangest named AKB48 song ever. I hate to say it, but watching the girls dance and sing this song just perks me up. Plus, SAYAKA. Argh such an infectious song.

3. Hitei no Requiem (Team K 5th Stage)

I know I put this song on every list, but it is spectactular...until you realize it's about suicide. Then it's just really depressingly beautiful. I think this is the top Team K song out there. It tells you to keep holding on and don't kill yourself, life is good.

2. Dokugumo (Team K 6th Stage)

Girl loses virginity by the bite of a poisonous spider. Men are very bad poisonous spiders...but we love them. Also, "The end of being a girl happened all too soon". These are the lessons I have learned from my 2nd favorite song is all of AKB48.

1. Kurumi to Dialogue (AKB48 Team A song from "Chance no Junban")

Team A - Kurumi to Dialogue by makino-tsukushi
Why is this #1? Well I have multiple reasons for this! First off it's the first Team A song that I think sounds different than all the others. I think this song is more mainstream and poppish while still having charm! And another reason is that uh...I love to sing it. It's catchy and the lyrics are great to listen to! Plus, Do! Do! Do! Do! That's fun to sing~.
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queencleopatra on September 1st, 2011 08:45 am (UTC)
I love your list! Koike, I find myself listening to that ALL. THE. TIME. Mariko kills me with awesome. Megumi IS sexy as, I agree. <3
Miss Survivor: AKB48 // Hearts featuring Jurinakinenbi on September 15th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Yay!! I listen to a lot of these songs on the way to school, pumps me up :).